Amber Fieldgate

20-year-old Amber Fieldgate is petite, shy and timid, but not to be underestimated. The aspiring singer is bold, brave and fiercely independent – the perfect formula for success.






Lily Hollows

A delicate balance of grunge and soulful jazz, Lily Hollows is a breath of fresh air. Though shy and timid in demeanour, the rising star is a diva on stage. A performer at heart, Lily’s childhood ranged from makeshift home concerts to singing in the shower.






Werner Bekker

Werner Bekker is a full time musician with five years experience in songwriting, composition, performance and teaching music. Growing up with creative parents, Werner joined his father on the road at an early age, music ingrained into his existence. He went on to study music at the Campus of Performing arts and has since written music for various artists, as well as for film.