Amber Fieldgate

20-year-old Amber Fieldgate is petite, shy and timid, but not to be underestimated. The aspiring singer is bold, brave and fiercely independent – the perfect formula for success.







Ashlinn Gray

Ashlinn Gray is a South African singer, songwriter, actress and motivational speaker. The passionate artist plays with the light and dark sides of her struggle for truth and authenticity.

With her powerful vocals and her quirky, deep seated lyrics, she challenges the tired preconceptions and conventions this generation has inherited.




Bonfire Buffalo and Shabzi Madallion 5

Bonfire Buffalo

Formed in 2016, Bonfire Buffalo are a South African pop rock band from Witbank. Fronted by the quirky and elegantly charming, Ivy Ann van Rooyen, with brother Ewoud van Rooyen on guitar, and Carl Dedekind on bass, the tightly knit trio are changing the preconceived ideas of what South African music should sound like. Drawing influences from across the globe – ranging from Pink Floyd to Mumford & Sons – the band chose not to be tied down by genre, defining their sound as eclectic and experimental in nature. 






Christian Heath

Christian Heath is more than just your average man. A husband, father and dive master, the 32 year old is also a bona fide singer songwriter. While many may recognise him from the 2009 group of the same name, the Johannesburg based artist has since embarked on a solo career and is looking to take things to a new level.






Crystal Arnold

Crystal is a a skilled and highly experienced broadcaster. Recognised as a leading authority in Sport, she brings years of media experience to her television presenting with a glamorous and vivacious touch.








Gino Lee

A singer, actor, pianist, music producer and model, Gino Lee wears many hats, but music has always been his first love. He started playing piano from the age of 6, creating new melodies on the family’s old piano. By age 12, he began to perform professionally in front of mass audiences and by the time he reached the end of his primary school career, he knew that music was ultimately what he wanted to pursue. There was no stopping him. 






RUB Salon

RUB is a personalised skin and body salon which offers everything from facials, to slimming to IPL hair removal.







International ARTS Talent Showcase

Every year the International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS) helps local entertainers, both young and old, in various faculties (singing, dancing, acting and modelling) to realise their dreams. It gives youngsters not only a platform to showcase their talent locally, but the opportunity to travel abroad and the chance at international education – to further develop their skills.





Karly V - Sometimes Packshot

Karly V

A daring yet cautious soul, Karly V is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma and the key is music. Your quintessential singer songwriter, it is through song that she becomes entirely vulnerable and her potential is fully realised.







Lily Hollows

A delicate balance of grunge and soulful jazz, Lily Hollows is a breath of fresh air. Though shy and timid in demeanour, the rising star is a diva on stage. A performer at heart, Lily’s childhood ranged from makeshift home concerts to singing in the shower. 







RADA CD Cover Insert.indd

RADA Unearthed

RADA, in all their endeavours, strive to effect change. An acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse, RADA aims to combat addiction and life’s cruelest atrocities by building comprehensive renewal centres worldwide. While involved in various CSI projects, the non-profit company also contributes to the arts.







Growing up with a guitarist father and spending most of his spare time at shows and music stores, there was only one clear path for Richard (Rici) Martins and it would be music. A muso by birthright, Rici was born with superstar embedded in his DNA and SEVVEN is the maturation of age old genetics.






Suits & Sneakers

Suits & Sneakers is a “human development” concept that follows the popular TED model from the USA and allows speakers to touch on any topic they choose from a thought leadership perspective.







The Muses

If there’s a party worth starting, the best ignition is this funky four-piece out of Gauteng, South Africa. With two violins, one viola and a single cello, The Muses will turn any situation into a sensational night to remember. And with looks to kill, who can resist?






Tayla Schaffner 5

Tayla Schaffner

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the streets of Los Angeles, homegrown honey, Tayla Schaffner is on the fast track to international stardom. 







Werner Bekker

Werner Bekker is a full time musician with five years experience in songwriting, composition, performance and teaching music. Growing up with creative parents, Werner joined his father on the road at an early age, music ingrained into his existence. He went on to study music at the Campus of Performing arts and has since written music for various artists, as well as for film.












Ben Dey & The Concrete Lions

Two guys met at a show, both love music, both play music. They began jamming together and became great friends. They started a band and recruited some musicians. Together, they created some African inspired tunes, captured the attention of industry heavyweights and the rest is history…