July: Comfort Month

Keep Calm and Break Bread

Over the last four months, RADA has made significant strides in shifting people’s perspective when it comes to various social issues. Launched in March 2018, the RADA Inspire campaign has increasingly begun to shine light on subject matter concerning taxi and driver behaviour on the road, the treatment of service industry workers, bullying across schools and the workplace, and lastly family and the importance thereof.

This month is a little bit different. With the cold now settled in and chilling to the bone, RADA aims to bring a little bit of relief to those who feel it most. Dubbed COMFORT MONTH, RADA recognises the need for extra humanitarian care and is taking action.

Despite having a dedicated programme, RADA CARE, which tackles these issues head-on, creating long-lasting support structures that directly serve those in need, the team together with partners from AGT Foods Africa will be increasing their efforts over the month of July. Through activations such as soup kitchens and blanket drives, the goal is to alleviate winter discomfort where possible.

AGT Foods Africa are dedicated patrons of RADA and supply the Thato KeMatla Orphanage with food products from its wide range of pulses, grains, seeds, flours and pea protein, on a monthly basis.

At the heart of RADA Inspire, is the necessity for people to marry action with awareness, never forgetting that one person can make a difference, no matter big or small. In creating this level of self-awareness, RADA is asking people, especially those who have a warm bed to sleep in and a warm meal to eat, three simple things:

  1. Consider your advantage and be grateful for what you have
  2. Realise that not everyone shares in these day-to-day luxuries
  3. Lastly, if you can, support drives that provide support for the homeless and less fortunate during this time of need

“Despite our own efforts, we understand that we cannot go at it alone. So whether you assist RADA or another NGO, the main aim is to improve your contribution to society daily, to raise your resonance and create a ripple effect of positive change,” says CEO and founder J-P Nobrega.

The aim is not only to provide a warm meal and possibly some winter supplies, but to participate in a “coming together” of communities, easing distress and putting a smile on someone else’s face.

RADA recognises that love and support of community can vastly add to a person’s quality of life, allowing them the opportunity to do the same for others. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.

Be the Way. Be the Change. One day at a time.