August: Women’s Month

Stand Up for Women’s Rights

Women and children have always played an important role in the work that RADA does and are large in part reason RADA was formed. An acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse, RADA was founded by J-P Nobrega after he became aware of the rape statistics in South Africa. A father of two daughters, J-P was unable to come to terms with the notion that someone could commit such a brutal act in violation of a woman’s right.

With South Africa now commemorating the thousands of women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956, RADA together with RADA Inspire, decided to jump on board and create additional awareness in the attempt to protect and honour the women of this country and the world.

Over the last five months, RADA has made significant strides in shifting people’s perspective when it comes to various social issues. Launched in March this year, the non-profit company (NPC) started the RADA Inspire movement and have embarked on a ten month social campaign, with the aim of firstly, creating awareness and secondly, marrying that awareness with positive action. Effecting change through compassion and understanding, RADA wants to encourage a peaceful and loving environment for all.

Over the course of the campaign, RADA has created awareness around taxi and driver behaviour on the roads, people’s attitudes towards those in the service industry, bullying in schools and the workplace, the importance of family and support structure.

Last month, RADA Inspire explored the significance of comfort and a warm meal over the cold winter months and with August already upon us, the team have shifted focus once again to women and children – however not forgetting or neglecting any previous themes. At the heart of each focused topic is the value for oneself and others, linking all themes to a central thought.

While RADA has specific programmes that provide a place of healing and renewal for those who have suffered abuse, RADA Inspire is about taking the message to the masses and showing people that making a difference starts with the man on the street.

The campaign itself is based on the premise that one person can make a difference. All it takes is to do one small thing differently daily and by improving, you raise your resonance, creating a ripple effect of positive change. Treat people the way you want to be treated and let’s work together to create a level of mutual respect, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or religion.

RADA are once again proud partners of The Color Purple, which will launch its second run at the Joburg Theatre this August. This relevant piece of musical theatre, speaks to issues that women and men are addressing all over the world and especially in South Africa.

The Color Purple is an inspiring family saga that tells the unforgettable story of a young woman named Celie who, through love and friendship, finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discovers her unique voice in the world. The show will once again leave audiences inspired by the transformation and empowerment of women throughout history and in the world today.

RADA Inspire wishes to highlight the themes of this story and spread a message of hope and empowerment.

“Despite our own efforts, we understand that we cannot go at it alone. So whether you assist RADA or another NGO, the main aim is to improve your contribution to society daily, to raise your resonance and create a ripple effect of positive change,” says CEO and founder J-P Nobrega.

Creating a safer environment for all:

  • Speak out against the abuse of women and children
  • Listen when people talk, they may be sending subtle messages that they are in danger
  • Parents and adults should teach their children about inappropriate behaviour
  • Do not shy away from difficult conversations
  • Stand up to your friends who exhibit inappropriate behaviour
  • Report cases of domestic violence and violent behaviour
  • Remember it is not your fault – you are not to blame
  • Talk to someone you can trust
  • Share your story, it may help someone who is suffering silence
  • Seek help

Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.

Be the Way. Be the Change. One day at a time.