The Capital to Coast Tour – A Pun-Infested Adventure of a Lifetime

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Still in its infancy, last year was an incredible year for The Capitals band. Not only did the band sign a management deal with Indie Does It, but they went on to play a total of 51 shows throughout the year, making their debut at major festivals such as Splashy Fen, Misty Waters and Paradise Festival.

Despite having limited recorded material to their name (which is soon about to change), the band made a splash in the press and were featured in various media outlets, including television debuts on Morning Live and Die Groot Ontbyt. With all that said and done, they knew they needed to end the year off on a high note, embarking on their first countrywide tour The Capital to Coast Tour.

Big thanks to videographer Petri Schoeman who gave up his December holiday to join the band on their great trek and capture it on camera. Here are some of the highlights:

Traveling from the North West, through Gauteng and along the coast to Durban and then to Cape Town, The Capitals had an adventure of a lifetime and got more than they bargained for.

“The Capital to Coast tour was my first band tour, and what an experience it was,” says bassist Seth Fobian. “I went in knowing that whether or not we made money, gained publicity or grew as musicians, it would be one incredible feather in my cap. I’ll tell stories about it for the rest of my life. From eating new things, to experiencing new places, to finding things out about myself, to learning more about the music industry and growing my musicianship, it was truly spectacular. That is, until car troubles forced the tour into Christmas morning!”

An unexpected breakdown at the end of the tour is just one of the many challenges the band faced on their adventure, not to mention drummer Rics Eltze falling ill two weeks before the expedition and being told by the doctor “There is no way you’re going on tour.”

So, the band made do with what they had and embraced every moment, giving it their best. They had the audience at their feet, with each new city and show offering something fresh. But fresher than the audience, were the bunny chows in Durban.

“Durban has some of the best food in the country in my opinion,” says frontman Conrad Rudolph. “I think my proudest moment on tour was convincing Seth to try a bunny chow and have him suggest bunny chow literally every time we had to get food after that.”

He continues, “The hardest part of the entire tour for me was being sick during the last leg in Cape Town. Our schedule was so full over those last few days that we literally just rushed through the breathtaking landscapes and didn’t really have the time or energy to take it all in. It felt like such a missed opportunity.”

“Moreover, I was waiting the whole time to see who’d be involved in the first fight on tour. I mean we all get along really well but when you’re in each other’s space the whole time it’s so easy to ruffle some feathers. It gets even worse when you’re tired. Surprisingly, it never happened. Or at least I wasn’t aware of it if it did.”

The band would just like to thank everyone who came out to the shows to support. Big thanks to all the venues and radio stations for hosting them.

“We can’t thank everyone who got involved enough. It was an experience we will never forget,” says guitarist Wesley Ward.

Additionally the band would like to express their sincere gratitude to RADA, who contributed to the mobility of the tour. RADA is your place of renewal, an acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse. Through their music projects, the organization assists musicians in need. For more information, visit RADA Unearthed.

Well rested and ready for the new year, the band are heading into studio at The Hit Lab to record their long awaited EP, Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi together with producer Howie Combrink.

Rudolph says, “He’s been part of the industry for many years, being involved with acts like The New Academics and Watershed (to name a few), so we are in very capable hands. We’re currently busy with pre-production on the songs and will have some tunes for you before you know it.”


Keep an ear out for the band’s new single Bright Lights, out in March 2019.


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