Gino Lee finds his silver lining in the Big Apple and pens hit single Only Get Better

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Surrounded by the sounds of New York City, South African singer songwriter and producer Gino Lee wrote his latest single, Only Get Better, inspired by the silver lining through his uphill journey in the Big Apple. The single was released locally to radio on Friday, 19 October 2018, with its worldwide debut scheduled for Tuesday 6 November.

The single will then be available for download.

Through his work in both music and acting, Gino Lee has been fortunate enough to travel to the States time and time again, but his latest bite from the Big Apple wasn’t so sweet. “The music industry can be very ugly at times,” he says.

On the bright side, Lee believes the hardships and uphill battles that you go through make you a stronger person and more determined to achieve your goals, and the slick, upbeat vibe and crisp vocals in Only Get Better are a good indication of the track’s deeper message. He says: “I think for any musician, you’re a small fish in a big pond, but with hard work, you can pull through.”

Writing this song played a cathartic role in Lee’s journey and has definitely helped him get to where he is today.

“Only Get Better really helped me get past all of the negative and bad vibes. I found myself surrounded with lies, broken promises and empty words from people who I trusted and believed in, only to be let down.”

When things got tough, Lee was fortunate to connect with big-time music executive (Republic Records, Hollywood Records) Jason Jordan from ONErpm who believed in his music, giving him new hope and confidence. The local musician signed with the company in New York and is excited to enter this new phase of his career.

He says: “Musicians have to deal with a lot of complicated and difficult situations, when all they want to do is make music that uplifts people.”

“I hope this song will inspire a message of hope to whoever is going through a rough time,” says Lee.

Keep an eye on social media for the global release of Only Get Better on 6 November 2018.



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