Behind The Light with Hannah Foster


Hannah Foster may be a fresh face in commercial markets, but the jazzy songstress has been making music for years. Having spent over a decade in the corporate music industry, Hannah has decided to take the leap and share her music with the world. She makes her debut with Behind The Light – a classy jazz number with all the right pizzazz.

She says, “The music I write is organic, raw, textured and heartfelt. I strive for honesty in my sound and therefore prefer to keep the composition of my songs fairly natural and simplistic.”

In an industry ridden with overproduced, auto tuned radio hits, Behind The Light may not be your typical radio friendly pop banger, but it will certainly garner her some warranted attention. The simplistic melodies assist to highlight her vocal prowess. The song itself is layered with blues and folk influences and speaks of her journey through the world of musical artistry.

Asked why it’s taken her so long to release new music, Hannah explains, “The dream I started out with needed time and space to evolve. When I started out – as many musicians do – I had this blazing desire to be heard and affirmed by the world. When negativity and disappointment crept in, it shook things up for me. It took a lot of questioning, failure, disappointment and then finally resilience to decide to do this, quite simply, because I wanted to. Some people have that clarity at the beginning. Mine came with time.”

Similarly the lyrics in the song speak of this journey, a wondering stage in her life when fear and self-doubt were her closest companions.

“I guess you could call it depression. But it also speaks of hope,” she says. “I had to decide to accept where I was at and work towards something different. I hope people pick up on the story when they listen to the song.”

It’s great to see artists come to this realization and express raw honesty in their songs, and oft-times these are the best and most successful. Hannah Foster presents integrity in her creativity and we applaud her for that.

Raised by creative parents, both musicians, music was a clear career path for once little Hannah, growing up backstage at gigs. She went on to study jazz vocals at TUT, developing a major passion for the jazz genre and today is largely influenced by greats like Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Corinne Bailey Rae, Bon Iver and more.

“The training I received there and the world I was introduced to has had a major influence on my compositions,” she says.

Despite some setbacks and challenges, Hannah has come a long way and is ready to stand tall, wanting to create music she can be proud of and something her daughter will one day share with their children and so forth.

“I’m not terribly fond of the idea of fame. I want to create music that becomes an internal part of the tapestry in the lives of those who hear it. I’ve been lucky enough to witness the extraordinary affects music has on us all and it’s my goal to be a part of that exchange of stories.”

Together with her music, Hannah strives to be the best mother she can be, stating, “Any mom will tell you… this is the most challenging title and deserves some special holiday resort with wine on tap and massages on demand.”

Visuals for Behind The Light  were shot by Matthew Marinus at High Seas Studios.

“Matthew Marinus is honestly one of my favourite humans in the world. I’m gushing but he truly deserves it. He is the nicest guy on the planet which comes in handy when being filmed. He is also insanely professional and efficient. I think I threw him quite a challenge with the “Behind The Light” video, simply due to the time constraints but he totally turned it into something magical.”

Check out the video here:

Indie Does It: What are some of the challenges you face as a full time working musician?

Hannah Foster: I think the biggest challenge is navigating the space between seeing music as your passion and seeing it as your livelihood. Very often when you’re being told how and when to do something, it can damage the creativity. For me, allowing myself to let go of what I expected my life to look like and embrace change has given rise to a new form of creativity.

Indie Does It: What are your plans for the future?

Hannah Foster: I will be recording another single within the next few weeks. I’m hoping to have 2 more singles recorded before the end of the year.

Indie Does It: What do you get up to in your spare time?

Hannah Foster: I love being outdoors with my family so you’ll often find me on a walk with my dogs or watching my husband experiment with some new braai technique.

Indie Does It: Your 5 top beauty tips?

Hannah Foster: Anything from Africology, dove soap, sunshine (in moderation of course), sleep and a healthy amount of exercise.

Indie Does It: One thing you cannot live without?

Hannah Foster: Summer.




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