Album Review: I Believe In Giants – Sink or Swim


Those who grew up in the early 2000’s, this is the album for you.

A throwback to the pop punk genre that dominated high school in the early millennia, fused with intense metal screams, I Believe In Giants’ debut EP is supreme musical excellence.

Considering the band are still relatively new to the scene, only having formed in late 2017, their offering is a sure cut above the rest in quality, production, design and marketing. It’s not surprising to learn the line-up is made up of City of Heroes and Straatligkinders alumni, bringing their individual expertise together to form another outstanding outfit that will surely join their predecessors ranks.

The EP kicks off with ‘Never Say Die’, the second single released off the album and is probably my favourite of the bunch – largely influenced by its epic sports-inspired music video.  Intro-ed with a beautiful Peter Pan quote, the song takes its listeners on a sonic journey of punk infected guitar riffs and hopeful lyrics.

Album title is taken from ‘Rise and Fall’, another beaut on the EP, with its prominent rolling drums as the song’s distinctive attribute. Jean Lombard steps forward as the band’s lead singer, with a sweet Americana pop-punk twang.

Feature artists and local genre legends Garth Barnes of CrashCarBurn and Bryan McLagan of The Finkelsteins are brought in on ‘Kings of the Sky’ and ‘Against All Odds’ respectively. The latter is one of the more aggressive numbers on the EP, but still surprisingly positive in it’s lyrical content.

A beautiful ballad brings the album to a close, taking things down a notch with ‘Young at Heart’, strong in Relient K influences.

Recorded at Tigerfight studios together with Karl Muller, the EP is supreme in quality, well rounded and altogether difficult to fault, other than it might be a decade too late. That being said, long live punk rock – this is an offering for true enthusiasts and will likely evoke some feelings of nostalgia.

My top three tracks: Never Say Die, Rise and Fall, Kings of the Sky



  1. Never Say Die
  2. Against All Odds (Ft. Bryan McLagan)
  3. Rise and Fall
  4. Northern Lights
  5. Kings of the Sky (Ft. Garth Barnes)
  6. Young at Heart



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