5 Reasons to see Werner Bekker live at OppiKoppi 24: Nomakanjani

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Werner Bekker’s live performance style easily whisks fans back to the days of the hippie counterculture and the beginning of dust-ridden music festivals, where greats like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez mesmerized audiences with their folk indie beats and lyrical poetry.

The Johannesburg based singer songwriter makes his OppiKoppi debut this year and couldn’t be more suited for the festival.

If you’re heading to Northam this year and are ready to kick off those shoes, let your hair down and soak up some great South African talent, then Werner Bekker is a must see.



Here are 5 reasons to see Werner Bekker live at OppiKoppi 24: Nomakanjani

  1. Werner Bekker assumes an unusual playing style known as percussive guitar. Inspired by the likes of Ben Howard, the Johannesburg-based folk singer may be a solo artist but produces a variety of sonic textures during his set without the use of looping.
  2. His name rhymes with lekker.
  3. Werner Bekker recently built his own guitar together with designer-luthier Murray Kuun. He will be playing the guitar (proudly named Cordelia) live for the first time at OppiKoppi.
  4. Werner Bekker aims to provide some chilled out vibes on the Friday morning of his set, after the first night of OppiKoppi, which we all know is going to a major party. So come hang out, recoup, soothe your hangover and prepare for all the great acts to follow.
  5. The singer songwriter will be giving away exclusive Werner Bekker merchandise during his set.

Werner adds, “I am ecstatically waiting on next week Friday for my OppiKoppi debut. There is something about this festival that has captured my imagination since I was a little boy. At 20-years-old, I descended into the dust grounds for the first time. We arrived a day early to set up camp and start festivities early. At our campsite, we found people chanting “OPPI”, “KOPPI”. To this day I still get excited when I look back at this first encounter.

This year I am playing the festival and I couldn’t be more psyched. Firstly, I look forward to seeing some amazing musicians and friends pour their heart out on stage. Secondly, I look forward to be performing my own original songs to people who still value the great art and multifaceted culture that our country has to offer. In Dust We Trust!”

Catch Werner Bekker live on Friday 10 August at 11AM at the Top Bar Stage at OppiKoppi Farm, Northam.





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