A New Era Dawns for Alexandra May


Alexandra May made her debut on the SA music scene as a jovial young pop sensation with upbeat bubblegum tunes creating a wave of pre-teen obsession. In many ways, she was this generation’s Spice Girl, with elements of sporty, spicey and baby all wrapped up in one.

But with age comes maturation and now that she’s severed ties with her former label, The David Gresham Record Company, Alexandra is ready for a new era. She has released her new single, Like You Do, as an independent artist, revealing an edgier, more progressive side to the artist.

Alexandra May

The singer has also put together a band, The MayZe, to bring her audience a bigger, better and even more mesmerising performance. The band will afford her the opportunity to step out from behind her guitar and keyboard and truly shine.

Largely inspired by sounds from the Eighties, May calls her sound ‘mixo-collective pop’; her main goal being: fun for all.

Alexandra is ready to get the party started wherever she goes and seeks to share her fun-loving nature with the rest of the world. We caught up with the artist to find out more about the new Alexandra May and her plans for the future.

Indie Does It: Tell us about the redefined Alexandra May?

Alexandra May: I like the word ‘redefined’. I don’t believe I’ve changed much but more so, I’ve evolved, and so has my music. I  have the same interests and similar goals but a new outlook – I think that comes with age and experience. I’m starting to rediscover what sort of music I’d like to make and what stories I want to tell. So writing, and assisting to produce and release my new single Like You Do, has been a redefining space for me.

Indie Does It: What do you aim to achieve through your music?

Alexandra May: I’ve always hoped and believed that if my music could create an emotional change, then I’d be happy. My goal is to create an emotional shift in someone, whether it’s someone having a good time jamming, getting lost in a moment, being nostalgic, or creating a memory.

Indie Does It: Why the decision to form a band?

Alexandra May: I love to perform! I LOVE being able to jump up and down on a stage backed by a band of people who love music and love playing music. The MAYze give me that opportunity to really engage with my audience too.


Indie Does It: How has the dynamic changed since the inclusion of the band?

Alexandra May: The MAYze is made up of extremely skilled, talented and experienced set of musicians, and each have something different to offer. I’m on a new journey, I’m still learning certain aspects of the business and each person teaches me something new – whether it’s something about arranging live music, what works for stage, what works for radio, or sometimes it’s just being a support to me when things get a little rough.  The MAYze is made up of friends and family, people that I love and care for.

Indie Does It: What is it like having your sister in the band?

Alexandra May: Oh my word! It’s amazing! We’ve never been competitive. We’ve grown up supporting each other, and we know each other so well that we can tell when the other is about to breathe or break into a harmony. She’s a huge support and knows exactly what I want. When I try to describe a sound and idea to the band, she knows exactly where I want a harmony.  She’s amazing and I love her to bits!

Indie Does It: Will you still perform solo?

Alexandra May: Yes! I love the intimate vibe of performing solo. It just depends on what suits an occasion.


LIKE YOU DO is a song for you.

YOU is the band I play for

YOU is the person at my show

YOU is the person I write the song for


YOU is the person I want to have with me on this journey


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