Lucy Kruger Captures the Other Side of Darkness in New Music Video


When the filmmaker of a music video asks you to surrender and not try to make sense of its visuals, you know you’re in for something good.

Lucy Kruger has never been one for middle-of-the-road marketing ploys, and her latest offering, a music video for Black Spot – the second single from Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – is exemplar to this.

Shot in Port Elizabeth, the gang transformed an old warehouse into a surreal and infinite space, conjuring up a cast of creatures that will leave your hair follicles standing on edge.

Black Spot explores the part of ourselves that we often ignore – terrible things that we cannot look at but cannot bring ourselves to discard. But soon whatever is inside will begin to knock and disturb our determined peace.

Black Spot is the second single from Summer’s Not That Simple – the debut album from Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys.

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