Daniel Baron Album, a Celebration of Love


Daniel Baron needs little introduction. The Johannesburg based singer first launched his career as a contestant on Idols SA in 2009 and despite not winning the competition, has gone on to make quite a name for himself. Success duly warranted.

Daniel Baron

The singer-producer has worked incredibly hard to ensure that he is always on top of his game, keeping up with the trends, while maintaining a solid brand. He has amassed a mob of loyal followers, who despite his occasional misgivings, have remained truly devoted.

Speaking of misgivings, the artist’s latest music video for his single Private Show ranks top on the list. The video depicts a smartly dressed Daniel being stroked by a multitude of curvaceous women at a private party. With a magenta filter over screen, this attempt at making a sassy music video, appears cheap and is in most part, unsavoury.

That being said, it’s not all downhill from here. With five number one hits under his belt, Daniel has built up a solid repertoire of hits, and his new album Weekend of Mass Destruction will likely follow suit.

Always one to push the boundaries, Baron’s sound has once again evolved, with amplified electronic beats that will work well on the dance floor. With these elements of EDM and deep house beats, this is Baron’s most experimental album to date, which may go either way. It does however, broaden his demographic, which is always a wise move.

He explains, “I love breaking rules and trying new things in music, therefore I went all out with this album in being bold and pioneering with everything I wrote, composed and produced.”

Despite not having a particular sound that defines him, other than the broadly used and worn-out term “pop”, the songwriter assures that all his songs are born from an authentic place in his heart, only to be dressed up in whatever shape or form, making them much more viable for commercial use.

“I make music that takes different shapes and forms,” Daniel explains. “It could be rock, hip-hop, electronic dance or it could be a stripped down piano ballad. My voice has a particular sound that people do tend to recognize, but I feel that music is music and a song is a song, no matter the genre. I love all kinds of music and this album depicts that.”

This indeed is the progressing nature of modern music, an eradication of genres, if you will, in all its beauty.

First two singles Children of the Sun and Beautiful Noise, which already rose to the top of the charts over the past few months are a good indication of what one can expect from the overall album.

Reflecting on the album, Daniel says, “I truly believe that these are the craziest yet possibly the best songs I have created yet. I have always believed in breaking musical boundaries, fusing genres & even generating new sounds — most importantly I believe that music is here to inspire and bring joy to humanity (Music is a gift from God), and I think I have accomplished a bit of the above.”

Daniel Baron - Weekend Of Mass DestructionWeekend of Mass Destruction is described by Daniel as a celebration of love, with the aim of destroying hate in an earth-shaking party.

We managed to ask Daniel a few questions about the new release and this is what he had to say.

Indie Does It: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt during your time in the industry?

Daniel Baron: I’ve learnt that hard work is very effective. I’ve learnt perseverance and I’ve even strengthened my faith. But one thing I’ve always known, even before I started this career was that dreams are meant to be followed.

Indie Does It: Who were your main influences on this album?

Daniel Baron: There were a few tracks inspired by the current world of dance music. However I can’t pick a particular artist or album that has influenced me. I feel that I drew from what was in my heart at the time each song was created.

Indie Does It: What has kept you going for so many years?

Daniel Baron: My beautiful family and loved ones, my supportive friends, my faith in God and my phenomenal fans.

Indie Does It: What is the thinking behind the bright colours in your recent branding?

Daniel Baron: This album explores and celebrates love as more than just an emotion or being ‘in-love’. It’s more of a universal love that can bring peace through music. And when I think of the concept of love, there’s no better colour that comes to my mind than pink.

Indie Does It: What do you aim to achieve through your music?

Daniel Baron: I aim to inspire people, to move them, whether it’s making them dance, cry or just giving them a good feeling. I aim to bring different cultures together and to join enemies in one dance.

Indie Does It: You released your album on youth day, was this intentional?

Daniel Baron: It happens to be a beautiful coincidence that we didn’t plan. But it relates perfectly to my album’s theme of destroying all hatred with love. I think the youth of today play a massive part in spreading love through dance, however the album is not only aimed at the youth. It’s for everyone out there, no matter their age, gender, nationality or musical genre preference.

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