Almarie du Preez Debuts Solo Afrikaans Single Jy Vir My


Almarie_PR1Almarie du Preez wears many different hats. Best known for her role as the former JAM presenter on KykNET, the South African beauty is also a singer songwriter and talented performer. When she is not hosting her regular radio show on Radio Pulpit or starring in local television and films, she can be found seated behind the piano, pondering her life through song.

Last week the musical talent released her debut Afrikaans single Jy Vir My, a beautiful combination of heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies.

Although she has been making music for most her life, Almarie’s music career come to fruition in 2010, when she recorded an acoustic version of the Straatligkinders hit, Kan Ek Met Jou Dans. She went on to became the lead singer of the rock group, Friday & The Hype.

It was only in 2013, when the Pretoria-based entertainer hosted her very own solo stage production,  Almarie Vir Altyd, at the Atterbury Theatre, that the possibility of solo career became a reality.

She says, “To the public I am mostly known for my collaborative work with artists such as Bouwer Bosch (Kan Ek Met Jou Dans, Klapsoen for the movie Strikdas) and as lead singer for the rock band Friday and the Hype. It is exciting to finally share my own work which I feel very passionate about.”

Almarie’s previous musical contributions were mainly in English, due to various childhood influences. This time around, the singer wanted to return to her roots and write a song in her mother tongue.

Jy Vir My is a song about discovering everlasting love and as with the song’s language choice, the content is equally personal.

“Sometimes the most beautiful encounters happen when you least expect it,” she explains. “Sometimes it takes time to realize that a person is everything that your heart desires and even if things don’t work out, the memories remain. I think every person longs for true love and whether you’re still looking, or have already found your special someone, this song will make you feel nostalgic.”

We chatted to Almarie for a closer look into the home and heart of SA’s next big sensation.


Indie Does It: What do you aim to achieve through your music?

Almarie du Preez: I hope to leave a taste of authenticity and hope that it can encourage others to dig a little deeper in their own hearts.

Indie Does It: What drove you to write this song?

Almarie du Preez: The mystery of love and it’s timing. And how we should appreciated love in the moment when it finds us.

Indie Does It: Do you have any other songs penned?

Almarie du Preez: For now, they still live in my head, but I hope to bring them to life soon. We are already working on a second single.

Indie Does It: You are a presenter, actress, performer, and music psychologist, how do you juggle your time?

Almarie du Preez: By learning to embrace the chaos and the quiet. There are quiet times and then all of a sudden you are beyond busy. Finding balance between it all is the key.

Almarie_PR2Indie Does It: Friday & the Hype is very different to this new song, why the big jump in genre and how would you describe your sound?

Almarie du Preez: Friday & The Hype came about in an era when punk/rock was very popular and where the channel MK provided a great platform for such bands. It was a fun project and who knows, we might still decide to perform in the future.

My own genre is slightly more alternative pop, but as long as the songs are birthed from my heart I am not too worried about the genre people link it to.

Indie Does It: You say it’s important as a musician to stay true to yourself. Who is the true Almarie?

Almarie du Preez: When you have the answer please let me know as well. I know that I strive to be a better human for myself and those around me with Jesus Christ as my example. I love braaivleis, Merlot, The Cape. I am in love with the shape of the African continent and have always been and will always be a Lion’s rugby supporter.

Indie Does It: Who was your favourite person to interview on JAM and why?

Almarie du Preez: I learned so much from every person that I interviewed, but Chris Chameleon and Francois van Coke were two definite highlights as I respect their musicianship and sticking to music that captures their unique takes on life. I dream to collaborate with them.

Indie Does It: Do you think JAM will be renewed for a second season?

Almarie du Preez: Never say never. The programme supported all local talent and I think the public and artists would welcome another season.

Indie Does It: Any chance of an album in the near future?

Almarie du Preez: That is the goal. Hopefully within the next 8-10 months. For now I am thankful to share #JyVirMy with the public and hope they enjoy it with me.


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