George Ezra – Don’t Matter Now


While we might be in the middle of our winter, our Western counterparts are enjoying the summer sunshine, making George Ezra‘s new breezy summer track the perfect offering this July.

As with his previous releases, Don’t Matter Now is a happy-go-lucky pop song with all the right notes.

You may be laying cosy on the couch, but the song’s upbeat tempo together with Ezra’s warm baritone vocals will send all the necessary vibrations through your body to have you up in no time and dancing up a storm on the dance-floor.

Similarly, the accompanying music video is filled with good vibes, kids lounging around the pool or playing catch on the beach. So why not take a drive down the streets of Barcelona, with Ezra and his dog, Mary and feel the love. It’s recommended.

Don’t Matter Now is the new single from the George Ezra, the first release since his record-breaking debut album Wanted On Voyage in 2014.

I wrote Don’t Matter Now to remind myself, primarily, that it’s okay to want to take yourself away from situations from time to time,” he says.

It was one of the first new songs I wrote after Wanted On Voyage. Events from back then can seem quite trivial at this point, but the song has made more sense to me as time has gone on. In time I realised that it wasn’t just me that was suffering from anxiety, it wasn’t just me that was confused, and that there’s no harm in not always understanding what’s going on in the world around you.”

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