Suits & Sneakers presents The Real Life MBA: The importance of education in the workplace

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Andile-KhumaloSince it’s launch in July 2015, Suits & Sneakers has become one of SA’s most anticipated events. Established by businessman and visionary, Mark Sham, the TED Talks based experience has brought light to the dire need for informal education in our communities and the world at large. Some may brand it a “motivational talk”, but Suits & Sneakers is more than meets the eye. The main purpose of the event is to equip people with the tools to self-educate and self-develop. For those less familiar with the format, the event welcomes thought leaders and movers from around South Africa – who have an interesting story or mind set to share. Previous speakers include the likes of Tony Leon, Vusi Thembekwayo, Ran Neu-Neur and more.

This time around, Sham is taking it a step further by pioneering a similiar philosophy that aims to disrupt and change the workplace for the better. The aim is to get employees and those that drive our economic engines switched on to learning, tackling not only the individual, but companies alike, to help fix education in South Africa.

“We now live in a time that is evolving exponentially and therefore we need to invent new learning methodologies that help companies and their staff stay relevant,” says Sham.

Thanks to technology, the world is evolving at a pace we’ve never experienced before, which means skill requirements are evolving. The aim therefore is to adopt a culture of “always-on” learning, whereby people, leaders and teams become self-directed learning machines.

Suits & Sneakers presents the Real Life MBA: The conference that allows you to pick a learning curriculum that’s relevant and unique to you and your business!

Sham explains, “Because the learning takes place over several weeks, the learning is now more consistent and habitual. The learning also culminates in your staff teaching everyone what they learned over the 12 weeks via a group project. This is critical because we believe that knowledge really sticks when you have to teach it to others.”

What themes will be covered on the day?
Speakers have been asked to tailor their content based on the following themes:

  • Leadership
  • Entreprenership
  • Future of Marketing/Advertising/Sales
  • Innovation/Future Technologies
  • Abstract (Health/Wellness, Politics, Music, Art, etc.)


Need to know

Suits & Sneakers 5:

Date: 25 May 2017

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre, 161 Maude Street, Sandton

Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Tickets: Free registration through Quicket

Guest Speakers:
* Micheal Jordaan (former CEO of FNB)
* Rich Mulholland (founder of Missing Link)
* Anele Mdoda (94.7fm radio presenter)
* IN-Q (National Poetry Slam Champion from USA)

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Real Life MBA:

Date: 26 May 2017

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre, 161 Maude Street, Sandton

Time: 08:00 – 16:00

Tickets: R3500 Excl VAT from Quicket


Guest Speakers:

* Michael Jordaan (former CEO of FNB)
* Zapiro (South African cartoonist)
* IN-Q (National Poetry Slam Champion from USA)
* Rich Mulholland (global speaker & CEO of Missing Link)
* John Sanei (global speaker & renowned strategist)
* Mark Sham (founder & CEO of Suits & Sneakers)
* Graeme Codrington (futurist, strategist & author)
* Allon Raiz (founder & CEO of Raizcorp)
* Mark Keating (founder & CEO of Sales Guru)
* Brad Shorkend (global speaker & renowned strategist)
* Nicholas Haralambous (founder & CEO of
* Toby Shapshak (editor-in-chief & publisher of Stuff Magazine)
* Lauren Woolf (former CMO of Ogilvy SA & Creative Champion)
*Tiffany Markman
*Joni Peddie
*Lee Naik (digital transformation expert at TransUnion SA)
*Dusty Rich (comedian)

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