Catching Up With Singer Songwriter Christian Heath


Christian Heath 112 - Credit Ruth du Toit

When Christian Heath launched his solo career, there was no doubt he would succeed. Still, he had a lot to live up to. As a band, Christian enjoyed a generous amount of airtime, together with a fountain of press coverage, as well as being featured in the line-up at SA’s top music festivals.

A lot older and wiser, the singer songwriter took on the music industry with series of power love ballads, equally powerful and triumphant. He proved he was a force to be reckoned with and achieved massive airplay across SA radio. His debut single I’m Yours went to #2 on the Algoa FM Top 30 and was #1 on Musolist for 2 weeks.

His third single, Paradise, released earlier this month will follow suit. Written together with Howie Combrink and SEVVEN, the track explores the universal theme of love. A simple love song, the track is raw and honest and is bound to pull at the heart strings.

We caught up with Christian to find out more about his solo career, his newborn child, and his latest single, Paradise.

Indie Does It: What has life been like since the launch of your solo career?

Christian Heath: Its been fantastic, I have had the opportunity to work at my own pace as well as being able to write songs that I can connect with personally.

Indie Does It: How has the dynamic changed now that you are a solo artist?

Christian Heath: Being a solo artist again has allowed me to have more control of my product, my brand/image as well as the decision making process.

Indie Does It: You’ve released three songs so far, which is your favourite and why?

Christian Heath: I’m Yours has by far been my favorite, maybe due to the fact that it took so long to finish. The other tracks have characteristics that I enjoy a lot as well.

Indie Does It: What is the meaning behind Paradise and why the decision to write such a personal song?

Christian Heath: Paradise was inspired by my wife. Its about how perfect a spouse is when you finally find one another and in those special moments you are brought to a paradise like state. It shares the struggle of a relationship, how it helps you grow and how you mature the over years being with one another.

Indie Does It: You recently became a dad for the second time, what is it like having a new addition to the family?

Christian Heath: Hard, I have forgotten so much. However the moment I saw him for the first time, I was reminded of what true love is all about, how this little miracle can impact one’s life.

Indie Does It: How do you juggle family time with music?

Christian Heath: It’s become really difficult but I have a great support system. The family constantly push for me to succeed, which helps a lot.

Indie Does It: What has been your biggest challenge in your solo career so far?

Christian Heath: Patience, I have been learning a lot of patience .

Indie Does It: Haven’t noticed you on the live scene? Why so scarce?

Christian Heath: I would like to still get a few more solid tracks out to the public before the live performances start. I dont want to rush, however, I am currently working on fantastic live show for the fans.

Indie Does It: You’re currently working on some new material, what can fans expect?

Christian Heath: Very much a different sound, more emotional pieces on its way something that is quite different to what I  am use to writing.

Indie Does It: Any plans for an album in the near future?

Christian Heath: You will have to wait and see.

Christian Heath 49 - Credit Ruth du Toit

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