Ariana Grande & John Legend Perform Beauty and the Beast Title Track



For fans of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the award-winning soundtrack is a large part of the film’s success and choosing new artists to reproduce these tracks would be no easy feat.

Multi-platinum selling artist Ariana Grande and singer-songwriter John Legend are set to perform the Grammy-winning duet title track for the live-action film adaptation.

Originally performed by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, the song is true Disney classic. The new rendition is produced by veteran Ron Fair, whose music career spans 37 years as a major-label record company leader and accomplished producer, arranger, recording engineer and musical director.

Ron says, “Stepping into the shoes of a Grammy Award-winning classic is not small potatoes. But with today’s two greatest plutonium singers – John Legend and Ariana Grande – we are bringing the song back with a new school-old school fresh treatment that shows the soulfulness and power of what a great melody and lyric can inspire.”

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