Movie Review: Victor Frankenstein


When one thinks of Frankenstein, they tend to recall a grotesque monster with a human likeness, but not quite human. What many people neglect to acknowledge is that Frankenstein is actually the name of his maker, a young science student named Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy).

This film shifts the focus onto Frankenstein, the man, and is told from his young assistant Igor’s (Daniel Radcliffe) perspective. But as much as it is trying to be different, it’s really just a mishmash of old narratives with new.

This story has been rehashed time and again –it follows the 2014 fantasy horror film I, Frankenstein – but perhaps
it’s time to leave the classic novel where it belongs – in the past.

Frankenstein saves the then nameless hunchback, Igor, from his meaningless job as a clown in a travelling circus, employing him as his loyal sidekick. Igor is smart and the two form an unlikely bond, working together to achieve the impossible.

The duo gather different organs from dead creatures in the zoo and Frankenstein attempts to reanimate a creature from the different animal parts. When his experiments go too far, Igor needs to save his friend from making a horrible mistake and bringing life to a monstrous creation.

Both Radcliffe and McAvoy put in arresting performances, even though the outcome of the film is less than satisfactory.



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