Movie Review: Return To Sender



Rosamund Pike proved herself on screen in Gone Girl, but she needs to break away from the emotionally unstable girl-next-door typecast, if she’s going to enjoy any longevity. Return to Sender is not it.

Fouad Mikati’s film tells the tragic tale of single nurse Miranda Wells (Pike), who accepts a blind date set up by her co-worker. A stranger, William Finn (Shiloh Fernandez) arrives at her door. She accidently mistakes him for her date, regrettably welcoming her to be rapist into her home.

The film starts off quite promising, but soon spirals into a dreadful revenge thriller. Left traumatised, Miranda does what most women wouldn’t dare consider. She reaches out to her rapist and begins visiting him in prison. What follows is a slow-moving and misdirected tale of retribution.

Pike puts in a convincing performance but even she can’t save the tasteless subject matter.


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