Book Review: #Struggles


41PVLZgWjyL._SX362_BO1,204,203,200_Pastor Craig Groeschel, pastor of takes an honest look at the impact of technology on the modern world. While recognising the benefits technology has brought to our lives, he takes time to consider the negative consequences, not negating the use of the electronics but rather counsels striking a balance.

He points out how we have lost perspective and become slave to technology, not knowing how to function or live with the devices that occupy our lives in today’s day and age.

The book is Christian based and addresses biblical values, including redirecting our focus on Christ, but is enlightening for all who enjoy the benefits of technology, whether you’ve become a slave to it or not.

There are many universal truths and real-life examples of the struggles people face with social media and digital devices. His aim is to reclaim a Christ-centred life while still enjoying the gifts He has given us.

Author: Craig Groeschel

Genre: Christian Living

Publisher: Christian Art Media

ISBN: 2370000240095

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