Book Review: Crashed – How Trashing a Ferrari Saved My Life


hQgWOHtAuthor of the bestselling Smacked, which sold over 30 000 copies, Melinda Ferguson has just penned her third biographical title, and once again, it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. This one beats both it’s predecessors, telling the story of how after 14-years clean and sober, the award-winning journalist crashed a brand new Ferrari.

Her no-holds-barred attitude is still firmly in tack as she shares her struggles through trauma, scandal, betrayal and near financial ruin.

Melinda – philosophical in her approach – has a way of stepping outside herself and examining the situation as an outsider looking in. She’s funny, poignant and her stories are always full of promise.

For someone who’s been through what this woman has, Melinda is a strong and steadfast lady of courage, overcoming her challenges one at a time and coming out a changed person. Great read, highly recommended.


Author: Melinda Ferguson

Genre: Biography

Publisher: Jacana

ISBN: 9781920601607

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