Suits & Sneakers


i-want-changeSuits & Sneakers is South Africa’s conference for catalysts, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Their topics cover entrepreneurship, innovation, economy and local issues, presenting ideas that motivate and bridge the gap in learning.

Technology is disrupting the status quo and our world is constantly changing. It is a turbulent time. The speed at which we need to learn to keep up with a country’s needs requires a major shift in mindset. 

Suits & Sneakers is about action, a mechanism to improve the learning process and quicken your ability to make connections. We each possess cognitive techniques for processing verbal and visual material. Suits & Sneakers believes that the capacity for meaningful learning increases when we tap into the power of both. That is their role: to inform.

Suits & Sneakers is a “human development” concept that follows the popular TED talks model from the USA and allows speakers to touch on any topic they choose from a thought leadership perspective.

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