Final Word From The Parlotones



The Parlotones have been one of South Africa’s most successful bands to date, breaking the mould when it comes to presentation, sound, delivery and crowd support.

Started in 1998, it took the band two years to get their album ‘Radiocontrolledrobot’ to Gold status, whilst their follow up ‘A World Next Door To Yours’ achieved this in only three months.

Today, they carry various accolades under their belt including the FHM Readers’ Choice awards, the People’s Choice Awards 2008, numerous SAMA’s, MK awards, as well as three of their own brands of wine.

But the time has finally come and the band are ready to spread their wings and soar to new heights as they relocate to Los Angeles, leaving their family, friends and loved ones behind.

When duty calls, a man must act and The Parlotones will set off on a new adventure this February.

Indiedoesit decided to have one last chat with the boys before they leave.

Indiedoesit: Why the decision to relocate to the states and why specifically Los Angeles?

Parlotones: We spend a lot of time in America, but we kind of spread ourselves a bit thin. We tour the entire country in six to eight weeks, covering more than 15,000km on a trip. We realised we need to be more focused, and that we need to spend more time there. We have a loyal fan base, an excellent team and a good amount of radio action, we just need to be based there and spend more time to move things along.

Indiedoesit: What do you think it is about The Parlotones that has led to your international success?

Parlotones: A lot of hard work and sacrifice, and just a little bit of good luck along the way.

We’ve taken a lot of risks, putting a lot of time and money into touring internationally and putting on big events like the Coca Cola Dome and the recent 3D Rock Opera. We are always trying to push to the next level, not content to just idle along.

Indiedoesit: What do you say to those people who criticise you for abandoning SA?

Parlotones: We are South Africans, and this is our home. We are not intending to abandon SA forever, we are merely spending a couple of years living abroad to take our music and career to the next level. We will be back.

Indiedoesit: What will you miss most about SA?parlotones-2jpg

Parlotones: Obviously our friends and family, wives, girlfriends and children will be missed the most. But everything about SA is something we are going to miss, it’s where we’ve grown up and spent our lives.

The familiarity and comfort is going to be difficult to leave.

Indiedoesit: What is your most memorable moment as The Parlotones?

Parlotones: There are many, but the ones that stick with you are the stories of how our songs have had an impact in people’s lives.

Indiedoesit: Are you on iTunes SA?

Parlotones: Not yet. We are on the international iTunes, but our physical sales in SA are still healthy, so we will hang onto that for a while still.

Indiedoesit: Do you think its arrival in SA will change the SA music industry?

Parlotones: Yes definitely, I think it’s a great platform for bands to get their music out there and hopefully make a little bit of money off it.

Indiedoesit: How often will you be returning to visit SA?

Parlotones: Every few months, hoping to visit at least 3 times a year.

Indiedoesit: What message would you like to leave behind for up-and-coming SA artists?

Parlotones: Don’t give up. You’re going to need at least five years of touring and recording before you get any decent recognition. Build your fanbase one person at a time. And realize you’re going to get criticized eventually, get a thick skin.

Indiedoesit: Farewell message?

Parlotones: Thanks to everyone for all their support through the years. You’ve given us the best job in the world. See you soon!


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