Lira Prepares For Her American Dream


25 percent 2 x 3_Lira_coverIn two weeks, Lira will  pack her bags and jet off to the USA, in an unprecedented honour, to perform at the Ambassador Inauguration Ball 2013. Excited, she prepares to impress on a global scale.

We chat to Lira about her nerves, America and going global.

Indiedoesit: How did you come to be invited to perform at the Inauguration ball 2013?

Lira: We got an email invitation in our inbox one morning, that’s all I know. I know that this Ambassador’s Inaugural ball is a celebration of Africa so I’m guessing that I made the short list of African performers who could have been invited.

It was a great honour for me, therefore I intent to make a lasting impression.

Indiedoesit: Are you an Obama fan?

Lira: Absolutely, he is a leader whom I greatly admire. I find him to be very inspiring.

He is an incredible symbol of greatness, not only for Black people around the world but of great possibility.

Indiedoesit: What will you say to him if you get the chance to meet?

Lira: I’ll tell him that I know his high school friends called him Barry back in Hawaii and that he is a great surfer. I met someone who went to school with him. I’ll let the conversation flow from there (laughs).

Indiedoesit: America is a highly competitive and complex market. Do you see this visit leading to future prospects in the country?

Lira: I’ve been exploring the US for the last three years. I’ve appeared in 255 publications, digital and physical media there. I received a Best African Act nomination in the BET Awards held in California, following my 5 state tour – this was an indication to me that I’d made good headway in my attempts to infiltrate the US market.

This performance is a big one though and I’ll also be interviewed on CNN as a result. I’m excited about the prospects that this opportunity presents.

Indiedoesit: Are there any other SA artists going with?

Lira: Micasa are joining the party. We have all arranged our flights so that we will travel together on this memorable gig.

Indiedoesit: Will you be using your time in the states to promote the new album?

Lira: Absolutely! I have performances lined up for my Washington based fans as well as my New York fans on the 22nd and 23rd respectively. I’ll pop into Canada to solidify some opportunities there and then I’ll even take some time-out to go on a short skiing get away.

Indiedoesit: Are you nervous?

Lira: I have time to prepare and I’ll probably get my nerves closer to the time, but the more prepared I am the more I can feel at ease.

Indiedoesit: What are your plans for the future?

Lira: My goal is global significance. I’d like to create a successful global career.

This year I’m taking time out to get creative and explore working with international producers and basically recording my first album that is destined for global release.

Now that makes me a little nervous.


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