Newton’s 2nd Law – N2L


For a band whose career is based primarily on a hobby pursued between their post school studies, Newton’s 2nd Law are certainly better off than some committed full time folks.

A hybrid of styles that incorporates rock, folk, soul and dub, N2L is made up of both delightfully upbeat numbers and soppy ballads.

The album kicks off with ‘Imaginary World’, which offers a fresh sonic sound, embracing the soulful vocals of John Mani and possibly one of the strongest tracks off the 10 track debut.

The band’s first single ‘Fact Of Life’, places second, and opens with an acappella, met by a solid drum beat. “Let’s make it work somehow” rings over and over in your head, as the songs catchy one-line hook is enough to carry it through to the end.

Mani expresses tremendous vocal range throughout the album, which brings to mind, ‘Need You To Stay’. The song places third on the album, and is a soothing falsetto number wrapped in an array of delicate musical arrangements.

“Clearly Changing’ is another fine-tuned ballad which introduces the works of Jaco Jourbet on violin. The song’s unexpected varying arrangements, quite surprisingly seem to work well together.

Because of its debut status, it can be assumed that the album was written over a number of years, bringing in various influences, which could explain the CD’s extreme variety.

‘No Reason To Hide’ offers a gentle acoustic composition – and is another favourite.

‘Trees’ brings back the life in the album, and introduces another sophisticated catchy hook.

But its not all rainbows and butterflies. The album also presents clear moments of inexperience and monotony. A possible few extra up-tempo numbers would have served its purpose well, keeping it from becoming too easily dull.

Either way, these guys are highly talented and there’s no doubt that they hold a promising career in their hands, if the sufficient time is committed.


1. Imaginary World

2. Fact Of Life

3. Need You To Stay

4. Memories

5. Clearly Changing

6. No Reason To Hide

7. Hollow Man

8. Little While

9. Trees

10. Heart Disease


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