Tailor – The Dark Horse


picture-largeOne of the best albums to come out of 2012, Tailor’s eerie and ruthless sound is everything that the album name The Dark Horse suggests it will be.

The long drawn-out piano notes in opening track ‘My Faith’ sets the tone well for the entire album, and immediately indicates that this is no run-of-the-mill pop offering.

That she managed to get her first single ‘Wolf’ playlisted on adult contemporary radio such as 94.7 Highveld Stereo is dumbfounding.

With more and more indie bands (Florence and the Machine, Birdy) making it onto the global music scene over the last few years, maybe just maybe, people have stopped feeding on the wearisome commercial sounds flooding the airwaves, craving something different and real.

A vocally powerful drawn album, Tailor’s intense melodies challenged by unexpected octave jumps, is exactly what makes her so unique.

Favourites include ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’, ‘Shaped Like A Gun and ‘Tried’.

Even if the music isn’t suited to your liking, do yourself a favour and take some time to listen to the lyrics.

Tailor is dramatic, honest and superb in every way, from songwriting, presentation to marketing.


1. My Faith

2. Wolf

3. Why Don’t You Love Me?

4. Shaped Like A Gun

5. Indian

6. Ghosts

7. Love Anthem

8. Where The Boys Are

9. Lucky Lucy

10. I’ve Tried

11. Alive

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