Shotgun Tori EP – Are we Fine Yet?


They say that music is one of the best forms of communication.  For Victoria Landey music is her voice – her personal outburst of melodic verse.

Each song tells the tale of a little girl struggling for survival in a fallen world.  Her words speak of truths, love, heartbreak and retribution.  Unanswered questions find poetic license in a chorus of passion.

Heat Magazine described her sound as ‘a shot of rum in a hot chocolate’.  Leaving nothing up to the listener, Shotgun Tori is one of the most convincing performers I’ve seen in a long time.

The EP kicks off with the sound of clamouring guitar that spreads a good old country feel and opens up a grandeur of fun-loving tunes.  Opening track ‘Skin you’re in’ is your first introduction to Landey’s powerful vocals and extremely personal touch of talent.

The album than feathers into an array of heartfelt tracks that carry your emotions on a swoop of fine-tuned notes. Brazen in song, the album comes to end with the dark and powerful song ‘Fucking Therapist’ – that leaves you thinking “Are we really fine yet?”a3471778391_5

Definitely a must!


1. Skin You’re In

2. Sweet Waether

3. These Birds

4. (The) Flood

5. Fucking Therapist


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