Brendon Shields Documentary – Rockstardom

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Brendon Shields is without doubt the most driven person I have ever met.  Seeing him live for the first time, I didn’t know what to think.  Stepping on stage with a set of speakers strapped to his headset, one can’t help but wonder if this guy’s for real?

His music was neither here nor there; but there must have been some sort of selling point to propel a publishing deal with Sony ATV.  Yesterday the documentary Rockstardom was found in my mailbox and truth be told I was rather curious.  Who is this guy and what is he all about?

Rockstardom tells the story of Brendon Shields, a singer-songwriter from Bethlehem in the Free Sate.  From a small town muso to renowned songwriter; Shields never gave up his will succeed and unrelenting passion for making music.  Come 2012 and his debut album ‘Truth and Recession’ is sounding all over the country.  His songs are raw and heartfelt.

Rockstardom opened me up to the real Brendon Shields; which at second glance was rather evidently portrayed through his lyrics, if only people would take the time to listen.

Produced, edited and directed by Michael Cross.

The documentary will be showcased as part of The 14th Encounters South African International Documentary Festival at The Independent Bioscope in Johannesburg on Wednesday 13 June 19:00.


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