forget-who-we-are-packshotGrowing up with a guitarist father and spending most of his spare time at shows and music stores, there was only one clear path for Richard (Rici) Martins and it would be music. A muso by birthright, Rici was born with superstar embedded in his DNA and SEVVEN is the maturation of age old genetics.

A multi-instrumentalist, Rici went for his first piano lesson at age 7. He knew straight away that he had found something he never wanted to be without. He quickly moved onto guitar, then drums and more recently singing and production. He has performed with numerous artists including Chiano Sky, Howie Combrink, Matthew Gold, Naima Mclean and The Awakening, having done two extensive USA tours with them.

“Working with so many different artists helped me develop some handy skills, like being an MD, incorporating video and lighting into my stage performance as well as tour managment,” he says.

And if that isn’t enough, Rici also does his own design, artwork and websites.

After many years of being involved with these other artists, Rici has finally found his own sound and launched his solo career as SEVVEN.

He explains, “It took me a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to create something and half way through change my mind.”

His debut single Forget Who We Are was released in November 2016 and has already received mass airplay on radio stations across the country.

With the music industry moving towards more electronic sounds, SEVVEN still uses a lot of live elements in his music to breathe autheniticity into it. “I like the idea of listening to music and not knowing immediately which elements are synthetic and which are organic,” he says.

With musical influences ranging from 30 Seconds To Mars, Ellie Goulding, U2 to Radiohead, his sound is modern and authentic. Those that know Rici will know that he is a philosophical thinker, which is why many of the songs have a slightly darker undertone to them.

“It’s been an incredible journey creating this project. After many hours and a lot of soul searching, I can only hope that people will hear it, as many as possible, and hopefully love it as much as I do.”

As a songwriter, Rici is working on a lot of exciting projects including Howie Combrink’s new album, writing and producing comedian David Kibuuka’s (currently based in New York) music debut, as well as writing with new artists including Ashlinn Gray, AthenaX, and Cazz.

In 2012, Rici spent some time in studio with producers Mike Gonsolin and Jeff Blue (founder of Linkin Park) in Los Angeles. He has also worked with top South African producers Mark Beling, Matthew Fink, Howie Combrink and Dale Schnettler.

Other than music, Rici enjoys travelling, technology, fashion, food and spending time with good people.

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